When Care is Missing From The Care Industry

When Care is Missing From The Care Industry

As human beings we have a natural tendency to look out for our fellow humans. It features as an evolutionary trait and something that strikes at the heart of a person’s sense of morality. However, in a framework where people are employed to carry out the care of another and where there’s sincere commercial interest, other motivations can dilute and blur the relationship between those providing care and those receiving it.

It has been said more than once that what’s sometimes missing from some aspects of the care industry is indeed ‘care’ and this hints towards the importance of recruiting those who have a genuine motivation to improve the lives of others. It’s not enough to enter the care industry with career prospects and financial gain as the sole motivators.

It goes without saying that the vast majority of carers are wonderful, dedicated and caring people, and it’s up to recruiters in the industry to ensure that those without such characteristics are not given the opportunity to work alongside care-motivated people. Bad apples can damage an industry and unfairly tar many people with the same brush.

Providing Care as a Motivation

Providing care is not about completing a set of tasks that lead to a defined outcome. The interaction, the conversation, the human contact all play a part in providing a person with a sense of wellbeing.

For many who receive care, a regular home visit is so much more than somebody coming to see that basic needs are fulfilled.

For those who feel a sense of pride in being that source of wellbeing for another person, a career in the care industry can be ideal. If such an arrangement feels like nothing more than a business transaction, it may correlate with there being a lack of empathy and understanding, which could do more harm than good for the person receiving the care

Care as a Saleable Asset

Whilst quality of care is something that is inseparably intwined with emotion and abstract quantifiers it can still feature as a strong saleable asset.

Having carers that truly care can impact positively on brand and reputation which creates a strong incentive for businesses in the care industry to ensure their employees possess the right qualities.

As far as the end customer is concerned, engaging the services of a care agency is both a commercial and emotional transaction, if the industry reciprocates, a healthy relationship can be achieved.

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