When Care is Missing From The Care Industry

As human beings we have a natural tendency to look out for our fellow humans. It features as an evolutionary trait and something that strikes at the heart of a person’s sense of morality. However, in a framework where people are employed to carry out the care of another and where there’s sincere commercial interest, other motivations can dilute and blur the relationship between those providing care and those receiving it. It has been said more than once that what’s [...]

The rewards…

It goes without saying that the rewards of working in the care industry are high. Seeing a client recovering from an illness, standing up and walking for the first time in weeks brings a smile to all our faces. The rewards come in many different ways. We hear our carers reporting back to us on how well Mr Smith* is doing. A client’s family member will send us lovely feedback either by telephone or sometimes sending a letter or [...]

A day in the life of Concept Home Care

At Concept Home Care no two days are the same, despite similar jobs needing to be covered each week. Whilst I normally ‘man’ the desk, Richard will often be out meeting with clients and visiting carers at work. My job entails sorting through rotas and paying staff members. I also process DBS checks for new staff members and enrol them on training. Keeping on top of paperwork is key and each meeting or phone call that takes place is recorded [...]

A glimpse into Alzheimer’s

By Rachael Jones I don’t know if you’ve seen the film Still Alice but if you know someone who has Alzheimer’s disease, it is well worth a watch. Shot from the perspective of Alice, the film follows her struggle with early onset Alzheimer’s. She is only 50 when she is diagnosed, a painfully young age. Aside from Alice, the main people affected are her family. Her youngest daughter Lydia is the most understanding, asking her what it feels like. They become [...]

Elderly Care in Ireland

Recently, we took a trip to Ireland to visit a relative. Far away from Dublin, we travelled to the centre of the country to the nursing home where Nana lives. In case you’re not aware, the care laws are different in Ireland. If a person is elderly and they are struggling to live alone, there is not a great deal of home care available. Instead, the government funds a place for that person in a nursing home. The home itself [...]

The New Care Act

A new Care Act has come into place, updating and modernising the law on care. This has directly affected many aspects of care as we know it; in particular the carers’ level of training has changed. The new Care Certificate is a more thorough and comprehensive certificate; ensuring carers are fully trained in many areas of care. The new certificate almost doubles the amount of knowledge a carer needs to have before he/she can proceed in care work. Old standards [...]

What is capacity?

Capacity is “the ability to make a decision about a particular matter at the time the decision needs to be made” (Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice [2005]). The Mental Capacity Act 2005 is intended to protect vulnerable people. How do we protect vulnerable people? We do this by supporting their decision making processes. Here is a mock case study to highlight how exactly this works. Mock Case Study: Velma rings our company about her mother, who is eighty-eight years old. Velma [...]

The play’s the thing…

There is a fad going around of watching theatre at the cinema. When I first heard about it, I thought it sounded dreadful. The end result, however, is spectacular. Not only does it capture (somehow) the atmosphere in the theatre, you get the best of both worlds. You are watching a play on stage but the cameras also flick onto close ups of the actors and the end result is magnificent. Theatre can be expensive with tickets costing upwards from [...]

January Sale: Pounds Off!

January. The month where everyone is poor (from Christmas), has bad moods (because it’s back to work) and feels fat (again, blame Santa). However, January doesn’t need to be a month of doom and gloom. Ok, the nights are short, the rain lashes down and it’s cold, but that doesn’t mean we should hibernate and whinge about how horrible it is. No! New year, new start! We can decide to start our year at any point and have a clean [...]