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Richard has a BA Hons. in Care Management and Public Health. He has 12 years experience in the care sector. This includes experience in the family business of fostering adults with learning difficulties. From here, Richard progressed the business in 2012, setting up Concept Home Care.

Since then, he has worked with clients with autism, cerebral palsy, challenging behaviour and also palliative care. This work has given him a wide understanding of the care process. He advises families and prospective clients on the best way forwards for their loved ones, putting measures in place so that they can stay at home. Often he receives phone calls from a son or daughter who is faced with what seems like a mammoth task of beginning to organise care for their parent. Richard is particularly helpful in this regard, advising and consulting specifically for their needs.

Richard’s expertise in dealing with clients with learning disabilities has been an area that has taken precedence in recent months. Due to his skill set and knowledge, he is understanding of their needs and their specific wants.

We want to make sure that our business is open to care for all clients that need it; whether that be due to learning disabilities, a physical impairment or end of life care. All care is person centred and tailored to the client’s tastes. This can include being present at interviews.